A Woman’s Heart with Lisa Granger

God has placed something unique and powerful inside every woman’s heart and each story is worth telling. By sharing our stories, we create a space for hope, encouragement, and real life application.

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6 days ago

As moms, we frequently attend the masquerade ball of “everything is fine”.  As long as the image presented in public looks good, pay no attention to the messy reality behind closed doors.  We can get totally wrapped up in perceptions, perfection and pretending which only serve to keep us stuck in shallow relationships with shriveled up souls.
Courtney Doyle has plenty of masks and gowns from that masquerade ball and what she found is the freedom we have in Jesus to be authentic is far more rewarding. Courtney is host to the popular Masquerade of Motherhood podcast, a speaker, author, and Mom coach. Her most beloved titles are wife to Scott and Mom to 6 amazing children. With a blend of humor and deep insight, Courtney tackles the myths surrounding motherhood, empowering women to embrace God's plan not just for themselves but also for their children.
Listen in to this heartfelt conversation with Courtney as she shares her journey of breaking free from the masks she used to wear and overcoming the lies she once believed. Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, and your story is worth telling.
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Tuesday May 07, 2024

The world can be a scary place at times, and as much as we need our faith to get through, it can be a challenge when walking out our faith in circles that are hostile. But when we shrink back and sacrifice our faith to please others or fit in, we give up the power that God gives us to make a positive difference and exact change. We give up who God created us to be.
Connie Matthews Harshaw is a powerhouse who knows how crucial having faith is in a world that is not always welcoming. Connie shares her experiences around the world from Capitol Hill to the United Nations and how she always looks to God. This is a real, honest conversation about race, gender, finding common ground, being truthful and walking in faith.
Connie Matthews Harshaw began her career in public service with the U S. Navy at the Newport News Shipyard. She retired from the Federal government as a member of the Senior Executive Service after a 30-year career and becoming the agency’s first female African American SES. Among many accomplishments, she lists her most important work as the assignment to negotiate the site parameters for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. After retirement she formed her own management consultant business in Williamsburg, VA and currently serves as a senior advisor to several Presidential Appointees in Washington, DC and to the Director General of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Connie has served on multiple boards for several community organizations and is currently the President of the Let Freedom Ring Foundation in Williamsburg. She is married to James Michael Harshaw and has one adult son, Robert.
For Verses of Hope: https://www.lisagranger.com/verses-of-hope 

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

In the midst of difficult times, do you ever question who God is or if He’s really there? During trials, it is easy to see only how we are affected and how we feel. Our pain and frustration can cause us to lose sight of who God is, becoming disillusioned, angry and bitter. Julie Sunne knows about pain and how remembering the character of God can help us navigate life. Julie dug deep into the attributes of God for her book Sometimes I Forget: 60 Reminders of Hope for Your Hard Days. She shares what she learned and reminds us that “we don’t have to understand God to trust Him, because we can understand a little bit about what His character is.”
Julie Sunne writes about finding real hope amid life’s real struggles. Her own struggles include enduring multiple miscarriages and now caregiving for her adult daughter who has significant intellectual disabilities. Julie is the author of Everyday Praise: Walking in Greater Peace. Julie enjoys homemade Chai tea lattes, dark chocolate, playing board and card games, and doing almost anything outside. She and her husband, David, are parents to three grown sons and a daughter, and reside in rural northeast Iowa.
To connect with Julie: https://juliesunne.com/
To keep in touch and a free printable version of 8 Hope verses: https://www.lisagranger.com/verses-of-hope

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Have you ever felt stuck or like something is missing? When we believe the lie that we are all alone and keep up a façade, we distance ourselves in relationships. When we keep our distance from God, we limit the power in our lives and play small.  When we don’t recognize where those voices in our head are coming from, we risk getting derailed. Linda Goldfarb shares what she has learned about the power in being transparent, having an intimate relationship with the Father and having the wisdom to recognize those voices in your life.
Linda Goldfarb is co-founder of the LINKED® Personality Assessment System, an award-winning author, speaker, podcaster, trainer, and emcee, and a Christian life coach. For Linda and her hubby, a combination of faith, humor, and personality awareness has grown their relationship into a thriving adventure lasting more than 35 years. They are the parents of four adult children, numerous grandchildren, one great-grandson, and two rescue pups.  Linda is the kind of person you are drawn to immediately, her desire is to make you feel welcome, safe, and seen. 
For Scriptures on Hope and to share, head to www.lisagranger.com

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Have you ever wondered what God is calling you to do? How do you know what that is?  Do you follow your head or your heart? We can get so confused and frustrated with conflicting messages and tangled up with lies and limiting beliefs that we get stuck and don’t do anything. Tim Morris shares what he has learned about how God uses our heart and our desires to show us what we are called to do.
Tim lives in Cleveland (Lakewood), Ohio with his wife and four children. He is a graduate of Denver Seminary with a M.Div and is a professional certified coach. He has coached and facilitated workshops, courses and seminars with marketplace, non-profit and church leaders from all seven mountains of culture around the world for over ten years. Tim’s heart beats to help leaders understand the redemption of the heart’s desires through the New Heart revealed in the New Covenant and to understand how the motivational drive from the New Heart’s desires reveal brilliant and powerful strategies for all areas of life including relationships, work, ministry, and play–in partnership with the Holy Spirit.
Sharing this show with a friend could make a difference and it’s easy!  www.lisagranger.com

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

Have you ever thought you could not forgive? We are told to forgive for many reasons in the Bible, but sometimes it seems like an impossible ask. We can feel justified in our anger and hold on to the resentment, but we won’t experience the freedom God has for us. Debra Moerke knows first-hand how difficult it can be to forgive the unthinkable and the rewards on the other side of obedience. She shares her powerful story behind the book Murder, Motherhood and Miraculous Grace.
Debra Moerke was raised on the beaches of California, but moved to the Rockies where she and her husband fostered over 140 foster children during 18 years.  Debra also headed up a crisis center for teens, served in jail and prison ministry and worked as an officer in an Arizona prison. As a Christian author and speaker Debra is driven by a desire to help free people from the crushing weight of unforgiveness. Her true story, recounted in her book "Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace," leaves most asking, "How did she do that?"
Even when things look hopeless, God is our hope. For some encouragement, head to https://www.lisagranger.com/verses-of-hope

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

What does Easter mean to you? Does Easter change the way you live your life? Jesus didn’t die a horrific death on the cross and come alive again, so people could live any way they wanted.  He didn’t die so we could have a religion with rules and buildings.  Denise Pass shares the significance Easter has for her and how Jesus died so we could have a relationship with Him now and for eternity.  Jesus became a sacrifice as payment for our sins and rose again so we could live power-filled lives every day.
Denise Pass is graduating this May with a Ph.D. in Biblical Exposition and is the Author of “Make Up Your Mind” and “Shame Off You,” and is the founder of her ministry, Seeing Deep Ministries, where she helps readers and listeners to overcome the battles of the mind with the word of God. She is a Christian singer/songwriter, worship leader, and podcaster with her Bible reading plan, the Bible Tribe, and also has videos on YouTube like her Theology at Home, a new weekly encouragement for us to know what we believe and live it out!
We have a living Hope! For free Scripture verses on Hope:

Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not liked what you saw?  How we see ourselves affects every part of our lives, from our mindset and attitude to our actions and our relationships. If we place our worth and value in “outside” things like other people’s opinions, our resume, or our bank account, we will be let down and it will never be enough. Sandra Jones shares her story and some stories in the Bible that teach us where our true value lies. When we place our identity in the One who created us and sees us as a beautiful masterpiece, that’s where we find purpose, power and peace.
For over sixteen years Sandra has brought a message of encouragement, love, and hope to women in difficult situations. As a result, hurting women see their true identity through God's eyes, discover freedom in forgiveness and experience the love from their heavenly Father. Sandra is the founder of Homeless Heart Ministry. In addition, she has served as women's and youth ministry leader, prison ministry leader, and Bible teacher.
There’s always hope when we place our hope in Jesus. For some Scriptures on hope, go to my website. The verses are free, the encouragement from God’s Word is priceless.
Free Resource: Hope-filled Scripture 

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

Have you ever felt weary while waiting for answered prayer?  When hard times come, we can get discouraged and hopeless.  If we stay discouraged long enough, it can breed a hard heart and resentment toward God.  Kelly Hall speaks with us about her journey of waiting on God and the lessons she learned.  Some of the keys that she shares are leaning in to God and getting curious.  When we keep our conversation with God open, there is room for growing and healing at the deepest levels of our soul.
Kelly hosts the Unshakable Hope podcast and is an author, Bible teacher, and speaker. She has a unique family story of raising four children, three with special needs, in the constantly challenging world of the Air Force followed by an unexpected journey into chronic illness and ongoing caregiving. She is intimately familiar with the ache of unanswered prayers, so her greatest joy is helping others discover the hope that holds us even when life shakes us. She lives in AZ and enjoys the beauty of the Sonoran Desert with her husband of 38 years, 2 adult daughters and a super smart service dog named Skylar.
To Connect with Kelly: www.KellyHall.org
The Word of God gives us everything we need while we go through difficult times.  Check out some Scriptures on hope.
Free Resource: Hope-filled Scripture 

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

Have you ever felt alone or unsure of how to handle this thing called life?  Have you ever wanted someone to come alongside you to share what they have learned and be there for you?  When we feel isolated and insecure, it increases our stress and anxiety.  We can get stuck in negative mindsets, attitudes and behavior. Nancy Lindgren knows about developing real, authentic mentor relationships and the positive impact they can have on our lives.  The relationships that are formed through mentoring have ripple effects for everyone involved.
Nancy Lindgren has over 35 years of experience in mentoring.  She is the Founder and CEO of MORE Mentoring, a renowned organization dedicated to mobilizing mentors.  Her book, Mentoring Made Real: The Power of Authentic Connection, gives an in-depth look at the mentoring adventure. Nancy’s greatest joy is walking with others, providing support and pointing them to Jesus.
Let's Connect: 
Website: Lisa Granger
Facebook: Lisa Granger, A Woman's Heart
Instagram: Lisa Granger
Linked In: Lisa Granger


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